Your own Mentor or Business Coach can help you focus on what will make you successful!

Having an experienced Mentor or Business Coach can improve clarity, control and success for any SME. Running an SME can often be the most fun and yet the hardest size of business to run.

Furthermore, SME owners you have wide responsibilities, yet without the resources that large organisations have. We have a long and proven record of supporting SMEs. In conclusion, a simple yet effective solution is to engage your own Mentor or Business Coach.

Finally, please check that your Mentor or Business Coach is experienced. This ensures their dedication, objectivity and creativity leads to your personal and business success.

using a mentor helps focus on success

Could any of these benefit you or your people?

  • Reducing the pressure on yourself and those around you
  • Having an experienced partner who is always on your side, supporting and guiding you
  • Improving your vision and enhance your sense of control
  • Growing by using Personal Development Programmes for you and your staff
  • Creating better focused, more motivated and happier teams within your organisation
  • Defining, planning and implementing smooth Cultural and Organisational Change
  • Creating New Channels of Profitable growth – with effective Business Development planning
  • Escaping from Business Turnaround situations or when things just go wrong!
  • Profitably developing your Property and Location Strategy. We are experienced at this!

Hence, SME owners find having their own Mentor or Business Coach is the ideal answer. Clients find it easy to get started.

In conclusion, it is affordable and provides a great Return on Investment.

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Investing in your own Mentor gives you a fresh external perspective. Benefit from your own dedicated guru, confidante and partner.

Benefit from a specialist supporting you, your business and your Strategic Plan. My coaching approach can assist you to:

  • See what is really happening in your business using simple and effective Review Tools
  • Enhance your sales with a slick Marketing Strategy and affordable action plans
  • Improve how you run your business with Process Based Management
  • Easily see and manage the whole business with The Balanced Score Card

SMES Life Coach Associates - strong mentors

Finally, can you spend just two minutes imagining:

Your own Mentor can help you to make your life, work or business so much better.As a result you will be in control, be happier, and have happier staff. Consequently better results will follow!

Simply call Gérard on 01227 278618 – these could possibly be the best few minutes you spend this year!

Please note: We aim to make your Mentor or Business Coaching affordable and highly viable. Making a small investment can pay for itself several times over – a good Return On Investment for your business!