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For any business or life challenges or opportunities in Whitstable, Kent, UK or Europe (expanding circles ☺), simply contact me ...


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Your Business and Life Coach based in Whitstable Kent - simply contact Gérard to help you succeed…

How to easily get started:

My name is Gérard an experienced Business and Life Coach based in Whitstable Kent England. But I serve clients across the UK and Europe.
So, whether you are looking for a Life Coach or a Business Coach, don’t be shy, don’t hesitate, just contact me. We can have a chat; no obligation, and no pressure.

First of all, we might begin to explore what your goals are or could be. To be honest, not everyone is absolutely clear about their goals at the onset, and that is fine. I can help you find out what is right for you.

Next, we can discuss how I can help you reach your goals.

I will then explain how the coaching works – I have ensured every step is simple yet effective.

I have a flexible pricing policy that makes it affordable for everyone. Of course, I will be only too happy to answer any other queries you may have.

There is no single approach that works for everyone. We are all unique. So I tailor my approach to what suits each individual.

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In conclusion, getting started is easy. Furthermore, an experienced professional coach is ready to help you become more effective and enjoy life more.

Thank you – Gérard

Gérard Jakimavicius
MD and Head Coach – Life Coach Associates

Business Coach and Life Coach
Based in Whitstable Kent but serving the UK and Europe ☺

Thank you, Graham

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life coach associates based in Whitstable Kent

Have you ever had your own coach?

If the answer is yes, you’ll know these facts are true:

  • You will know how much more you achieve when the important things get done - those that most benefit you and those around you
  • You will know you are more satisfied with life when you are more successful, happier, and less stressed. Everything seems clearer!
  • You will know that coaching is great value for money because it has paid for itself several times over

If the answer is no, wouldn’t it be great to find out and experience those benefits mentioned above?

To find out more just go to the home page and pick the situation that best fits you :

Just to repeat, getting started is easy. Call me – I don’t bite, I’m friendly and I am not pushy.

One final point, I suggest you use a professional and experienced coach. They are best placed to help you become more effective and enjoy life more.

Thank you once again – Gérard