Have you got your ideal job or career?

Some people are “lucky” (or maybe smarter) to have a job and career that they absolutely love. But too many people have a job that they dislike and often hate. However, Coaching can turn that situation around – from a job that people tolerate to one they love; or find a new ideal job for those who reach the “hate” stage.

Furthermore, we all have the right and the need to work in an organisation where we love our job. Ideally we look forward to going to work every day.

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I either have no idea or too many ideas – what is the right career for me?


Gérard has developed a simple logical system to help anyone:

  • Explore and work out what your ideal career / job could be.
  • Develop a sound yet creative plan to help you get that ideal job.
  • Prepare well and practice so that your interview goes really smoothly. You will have maximum clarity and minimal nerves. Let the interviewer see the best you!
  • Get that job!

I am sure you know someone who is unhappy in their job. Just suggest they give me a call for a free no obligation chat... No pressure, just a chat to find out more.

Find new solutions with your perfect partner

  • We all know deep inside that we could attain more if we had a “perfect partner”. More might mean more time, more money, more clarity, more peace, more happiness or more success.
  • But strangely more might also be less! – as in less stress, less confusion, less procrastination, less depletion of energy!
  • Finally, having a coach is like having that “perfect partner”. You can work in a safe and confidential environment – where you can be open and creative in a  way you cannot be with anyone else.

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Use your Life Coach to...

  • Help you create options, many you may have never considered.
  • Support you to make successful choices.
  • Reach your goals using fun and realistic action plans.
  • Enable you to be the best you can be. What is your potential?
  • Achieve your true potential – possibly achieving more than you ever imagined.

Just give Gérard a call on 01227 278618 for a free no obligation chat.